Yoko Kanno’s first collaborative product, it was, however..,

Our partner Kwaiben Tech has suspended its business. Please visit Kwaiben Technology‘s website for details. Our project will be suspended until a new partner is found.

Our partner Kwaiben Tech has suspended its business. Please visit Kwaiben Technology’s website for details.

Our project will be suspended until a new partner is found.

Meow on the Bridge, the office of leading Japanese composer and music producer Yoko Kanno, in collaboration with Israeli high-tech company Kwaiben Technology, announced the worldwide launch of “Sound Princess (“SP”),” inspired by the “Sound Princess,” a flowing water sound generator that has been a representative device of Japanese culture since its launch in 1979.

The product utilizes the latest noise-canceling technology and not only completely eliminates unwanted sounds by generating opposite-phase sounds but also includes a new recording of “TANK!”, one of Yoko Kanno’s representative works, which is the opening song of the anime “Cowboy Bebop”. The sound source is arranged for SP and played back in a three-dimensional sound field using Dolby Atmos at a volume of 120 dB.”

When multiple SP devices are installed in close proximity, the sound is automatically synchronized to optimize the sound for the entire washroom. This greatly improves the sense of immersion and realism, making it ideal for theaters, concert halls, and other locations where there are long lines for restrooms.
In this case, it reduces frustration with long lines. In addition, a 38% increase in sales is hoped for when SPs are installed in corporate restrooms.

Furthermore, the product features the latest 3D full-color holography, allowing users to see the SEATBELTS playing in front of them. This function will be added in 2024 as an additional kit.

However, since it is expected that some people will immerse themselves in the sound and stay in the restroom for a long time, a feature has been added that switches to an “unpleasant sound version” of TANK? when the device is in operation for more than the usual 25 seconds. When this version is played, the 3D holography will show the musicians surrounding the user, creating a sense of unease. According to a verification test, 90% of people leave the bathroom within 20 seconds when the unpleasant sound version is played, which can help increase bathroom turnover.

These combined effects can reduce the number of restrooms needed by 37% while increasing satisfaction by 28%, resulting in a return on investment within one year.

Although it is primarily intended for business use, Gerry Benp, the CEO of Kwaiben, hopes that it will also be used in residential areas due to the increasing demand for remodeling due to the rise in remote work and the potential for bulk installation in high-rise buildings.

The product will be released for sale through Yoko Kanno’s official music score store and authorized dealers worldwide as soon as related regulations in each country have been confirmed. The price is expected to be around 7.77 million yen (installation costs not included). This product also considers Goal 6 of the SDGs. 

Note that the SP is designed to be installed in the toilet tank.

Comment from Producer Yoko Kanno:
No tank, No Tank!

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