クリスマスカード送付のご希望今日までです!/Today is the last day to request Captain’s Christmas card.



On December 10, Captain Duckling sent a Christmas card to fans who we knows the addresses (i.e. who have purchased physical items such as T-shirts).
(Unfortunately, we could not send them to Russia because the post office didn’t accept them.)

If you are a fan and want one, please contact us using the form below. We will send it to you.
Note that we will send it to those who purchase by December 20 without registration.

クリスマスカード送れ~/ Asking a Chirsmas card.

お名前/Your Name
郵便番号/Your Post Code
送り先ご住所/Your Address
メールアドレス/Email Addresss
メッセージ(あれば)/message(if you have)

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